Terms of Use / Code of Conduct

  1. Digital Vereint is a place of cooperation, exchange and learning. All people, regardless of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, race, origin or religion should feel at ease and be able to collaborate productively here.

  2. We do not tolerate any forms of discriminating behaviour, insults, intimidation, sexism, stalking etc., neither here nor on any of the offered services or online channels. If you are affected by such behaviour, contact a person from the CityLAB team without hesitation.

  3. Digital Vereint and CityLAB are no service providers but developed through the active engagement of all involved parties. Let’s work together for a positive working atmosphere. This means, we guarantee a safe, productive and friendly space for everyone.

  4. We provide all services on Digital Vereint free of charge. Please keep in mind, that this is still a beta-test phase so we can't guarantee stable performance or continous availability of these services. We are not liable for data loss or other technical problems.

  5. We reserve the right to exclude persons who violate this Code from using our rooms and digital services.

  6. In case you have questions or want to extend this Code of Conduct, please reach out to the CityLAB team.