27.05.2021, 17:00-18:30

Berlin's civil society is engaged, diverse and international. Whether it is cultural associations, advice centres or neighborhood help: a significant part of civil society work is done by Berliners with a history of migration. In this workshop we focus on the engagement of migrant communities and ask:

  • How are associations, initiatives and organisations that are led by or work with migrants doing after a year of the COVID-19 pandemic? Which role does digital infrastructure play in their activities?

  • How can events, advisory services and networks be maintained during the pandemic? Which channels have proven helpful?

  • What about data protection? What are the different perspectives and approaches within communities?

There will be three short inputs by actors who work at the intersection of digitalisation and migration, then we open up the discussion to all participants. The aim of the event is for initiatives to network and to jointly discuss the experience of migrant communities with regard to digital civil society work.

The workshop is held in German and is particularly aimed at people who are active in civil society organizations and migrant communities. However, everyone else who is interested in digital infrastructure and civil society is also warmly welcomed. If necessary, parts of the workshop can be translated to English. If you wish so, please give us a brief notice in your registration email.

You want to participate? Send us an email with the subject “Digital & Migrant Engagement” to kontakt@digital-vereint.berlin. You can register until May 25th, 2021. We will send you the access link for the event via this address!